Rob Beaudreault
1 min readApr 3, 2020


Tis’ a Season

It isn’t often that I’ve had a message to share that I believed folks weren’t ready to hear. I’ve done a good deal of writing but it’s always lacked urgency. I’m passionate about sharing my voice at this time. This is not a blizzard we are weathering. This is a season.

I’m captivated by the cultural shift that is before us on the other side of this Pandemic. The world has been disrupted. Business & communities will not be going “back to normal.” A shift is happening and I’m excited for the reset that is ahead.

Right now, we’re all staring at a rising line on a graph and doing what we can to slow the spread in 30 days. At least most of us are. There’s a pandemic and we must work together, as communities, to slow the spread.

But it’s what folks are doing in the meantime that fascinates me. I see people getting their houses in order…literally & figuratively. And I think this is important right now.

My words.

I will be speaking with the objective of shining a bit of light ahead of us. Bad news abounds right now and it has many of my friends reeling. It’s hard to forge ahead when you’ve been sucker punched.

I’m a voice that believes we will be ok. Maybe even better than ok. On the other side of this, and in our homes during this time.

Let’s walk this journey together, with words and videos. Join me in the discourse. Leaders, let’s lead well.

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Rob Beaudreault

Some people called me a blogger once. Now, I’m just tucking away some words for myself and you. Here to shine a bit of light on this present darkness.