Rob Beaudreault
1 min readFeb 13, 2021


What if our favorite movies are real but they’re just not on our timeline yet? What if evil on that level really exists and Go(o)d wins?

What if so many enjoy these stories for a reason?

What if all these plots are just not on our timeline yet? In all these SUPERHERO movies, what if we are watching what has already happened in a sort of awakening process?

What if all this progress is a distraction? A ride you can get off if you choose to live simply?

What if the Bible is true and that’s the end game? It’s quite a story, you know. What if all else is fodder?

How might this change how your life in the here and now?

As for me?

Jesus rose again and the tomb is empty.

The Story has been written.

I’m with Jesus and I will live as He.

Prophet or God. He’s to be respected. If you love how he loveds. If you just pay attention to the man of Jesus. Just Jesus in relation to the Father of The Story you will find that God was made flesh and dwelt among us. Just read the story and tell me he was not worthy of following.

Jesus was angry at the haughty and was a lover of sinners like me.

If that story is true then….

His ways are my ways.

Red letters believer.

A broken, sinful man but Saved.

I choose God.

Hallelujah, I’m saved!



Rob Beaudreault

Some people called me a blogger once. Now, I’m just tucking away some words for myself and you. Here to shine a bit of light on this present darkness.